April 17, 2014

Michael E. Smith (School of Human Evolution and Social Change) & José Lobo (School of Sustainability)

Cities Across Time and Space: variations on a Theme?: Insights from recent scaling research


April 10, 2014

Brian Smith (School of Life Sciences)

Plasticity in early olfactory processing in the brain and its role in analyzing complex natural odor "scenes"


April 3, 2014

HyeJin Youn (Oxford University, England)

Understanding Technology Pathway from U.S. Patents


March 31, 2014

Michael Bang Peterson (Aarhus University, Denmark)

The ancestral logic of politics: biology, evolution and political decisions


February 27, 2014

Douglas Kenrick (Dept. of Psychology) & Shade Shutters (Center for Social Dynamics and Complexity)

Evolutionary Psychology Meets Behavioral Economics


February 11, 2014

Athena Aktipis (UC-San Francisco)

Simple rules shape complex cooperation: from the Maasai to metastasis


January 30, 2014

Paul Cassell (Center for Jewish Studies) & Adam Cohen (Dept. of Psychology)

Religion from a Systems Perspective


November 21, 2013

Nia Amazeen & Eric Amazeen (Dept. of Psychology)

The Nature of Cognition


November 14, 2013

Juergen Gadau (School of Life Sciences)

3 Billion Years of Genome Evolution: From Simplicity to Complexity


November 7, 2013

Michael Schoon (School of Sustainabilitiy) & Ray Quay (Decision Center for a Desert City)

Making Complexity Simple


October 31, 2013

Paul Davies & Sara Walker (ASU Beyond Center)

The Emergence of Life


October 24, 2013

Karen Mossberger (College of Public Programs)

Broadband Innovation, public policy and Interdisciplinarity


October 17, 2013

Kevin Dooley (WP Carey School of Busingess) and Yushim Kim (School of Public Affairs)

Being a Scholar in Complexity Sciences


March 20, 2013

Amanda Friedenberg (W.P. Carey School of Business)

Bargaining Under Strategic Uncertainty


January 24, 2013

Huan Liu (Dept. of Computer Science and Engineering)

Computing with Social Media Data


December 11, 2012

Brian Skinner (University of Minnesota)

The Price of Anarchy in Basketball


November 29, 2012

David Hales (The Open University, England)

Emergent Group Selection: Tags, Networks and Society


November 15, 2012

Yushim Kim (ASU School of Public Affairs)

Complexity Science, Agent-Based Modeling, and Policy Informatics: What Are They Doing in the Space of Policy Analysis and Management?


February 23, 2012

Athena Aktipis (UC-San Francisco)

Generosity without reciprocity: Computation models of risk-pooling and sharing norms in human societies (in conjunction with Challenges of Complexity Speaker Series)


October 6, 2011

Leah Shaw (College of William and Mary)

Epidemic Spread and Control in Adaptive Social Networks


September 29, 2011

Elihu M. Gerson (Tremont Institute) 

Characteristics of Research Systems


September 8, 2011

Athena Aktipis (UC-San Francisco)

The Simple Origins of Prosociality: Agent-Based Models of Cooperation Across Domains


April 28, 2011

Aaron Clauset (University of Colorado)

Mathematical Laws in Global Terrorism (in conjunction with Challenges of Complexity Speaker Series)


March 31, 2011

Santo Fortunato (Institute for Scientific Interchange of Torino, Italy)

Towards a Physics of Society(in conjunction with Challenges of Complexity Speaker Series)


March 8, 2011

Steven Stearns (Yale University) 

Towards a Physics of Society (in conjunction with Challenges of Complexity Speaker Series)


March 3, 2011

Scott Page (University of Michigan)

Diversity and Collective Wisdom(in conjunction withChallenges of Complexity Speaker Series)


February 23, 2011

Alex Bentley (Durham University, U.K.) 

Flux and Unpredictability in Complex Social Systems (in conjunction with Challenges of Complexity Speaker Series)


January 27, 2011

Marc Huett (Jacobs University, Germany) 

Impact of motif content on the dynamics of complex networks


January 20, 2011

Joan Herbers (Ohio State University)  

Coevolution in a Social Context: Ants and Their Parasites


December 2, 2010

Milan Shrestha (Global Institute of Sustainability) 

A Socioecological Gradient Analysis of Land Fragmentation in the US Southwest


November 4, 2010

Steve Railsback (Lang, Railsback and Associates)

Adaptive decision-making in agent-based models: What can fish, fish schools, and fishing boats teach us about modeling people?


October 28, 2010

Ram C Bastakoti (Asian Institute of Techonlogy) & Chuluun Togtohyn (Mongolian Development Institute) 

Adaptation, Change and Resilience in Asian Cultures


October 7, 2010

Diano F. Marrone (Wilfrid Laurier University)  

The Aging Hippocampus: Physiology and Modeling


September 30, 2010

Michael Smith (School of Human Evolution and Social Change) &  Emily Talen (School of Geographical Sciences and Urban Planning) 

Urbanism and Social Complexity: From Ancient Cities to New Urbanism


September 23, 2010

Marco Herrera-Valdez (MCMSC) 

Information Processing by Populations of Neurons Can Be Faster Than Processing by Single Cells


September 16, 2010

Ernst Fehr (University of Zurich) 

A Dynamical Discussion with Ernst Fehr


September 9, 2010

Jennifer Fewell and Juergen Gadau School of Life Sciences) 

The Evolution of Eusociality by Nowak, Tarnita, and Wilson


April 29, 2010

Graduate Student "Speed Talks"


April 22, 2010

Amber Wutich and David Schaefer (School of Human Evolution and Social Change)

A Dialogue with Amber and David


April 15, 2010

Jonathan Maupin (School of Human Evolution and Social Change)

Complexity, Centrality, and Synergy in Causal Models of Illness:  A cross-cultural comparison among migrants and non-migrants in Nashville, TN


March 25, 2010

Mason Porter (University of Oxford, England)

Communities in Networks


March 20, 2010

Martin Middendorf (University of Leipzig, Germany)

Social Insects and Organic Computing


March 20, 2010

Kai Ramsch (University of Leipzig, Germany)

Simulating the Towers of Hanoi Maze: How ants adapt to dynamic situations


March 4, 2010

Carlos Castillo-Chavez (MCMSC) & Joaquin Bustoz Jr. (Dept. of Applied Math)

Epidemics, the Information Era, and H1N1 Pandemic Influenza


February 10, 2010

Anne Stone (School of Human Evolution and Social Change) & Brian Verrelli (School of Life Sciences)

Primate Genetics: Understanding Origins and Adaptations


February 4, 2010

Michael Hecter (School of Public Policy)

Mutiny and the Genesis of Rebellion in the Royal Navy 1740-1820


January 28, 2010

Michael Barton (School of Human Evolution and Social Change)

Socioecological Systems and the Future of Social Science


January 21, 2010

Michael Barton (School of Human Evolution and Social Change)

Innovation and Sustainability


December 20, 2009

Chad Johnson (School of Life Sciences)

A Conversation with Chad Johnson


December 20, 2009

Marty Anderies & Michell Hegmon (School of Human Evolution and Social Change)

Population and Settlement Dynamics:Investigating Archaeloogical Interpretations of the Prehistoric Southwest through Mathematical Modeling


October 29, 2009

Ananias Escalante

Origin and genetic diversity of human malarial parasites: the illusion of knowledge


October 14-15, 2009

Peter Richerson

Second Speaker for the "Origins of Human Uniqueness" Series and Dynamical Discussion


Sep 10, 2009

Manfred Laublicher (School of Life Sciences)

Gene regulatory networks and what they tell us about complex systems. 


March 19, 2009

Alan Sanfey

Decision Neuroscience: New Approaches To the Study of Social Decision-Making


February 26, 2009

Ed MacKerrow

Social Science Modeling of Political Violence


February 19, 2009

Edgar Kiser

The Relationship Between Theory and History in Evolutionary Biology: A Model for Historical Sociology?


November 5, 2008

E.O. Wilson (Harvard University)

A Luncheon with E.O. Wilson


October 20, 2008

Robert Boyd (UCLA)

How Culture Transformed Human Evolution (The “Origins of Human Uniqueness” Speaker Series)


April 20, 2008

Rüdiger Wehner (ETH Zurich)

Desert Ant Navigation: Mini Brains - Mega Tasks - Smart Solutions


April 17, 2008

Dieter Armbruster

Mathematical Models for Complex Systems: The Issue of Validation


March 27, 2008

Stephen Pratt (School of Life Sciences) and William Griffin (School of Family Studies)

Decision Rules in Agent Based Models: Linking Individual Action to Consensus


March 21, 2008

Deborah Smith (University of Kansas)

Biogeography of bees and mites: Apis and Varroa in Asia


February 7, 2008

John Bonner

A Dynamical Discussion with John Bonner


January 31, 2008

Prasad Boradkar

Innovating from Life: Design Inspired by Nature


December 6, 2007

CSDC End of Semester Open House


November 29, 2007

Jennifer Fewell (School of Life Sciences) and David Schaefer (School of Family Studies)

Networks II


November 15, 2007

Manfred Laubichler (School of Life Sciences) and José Lobo (School of Sustainability)

A Dialog with Manfred Laubichler and José Lobo


November 1, 2007

John Pepper (University of Arizona)

Cooperation, inclusive fitness and complexity: Hamilton was right after all! 


October 25, 2007

Ed Hackett

A Conversation with Ed Hackett


October 18, 2007

Juergen Liebig (School of Life Sciences) and Steven Neuberg (Dept. of Psychology)

Social Control: A Dialog with Juergen Liebig and Steven Neuberg


September 13, 2007

Peter Stadler (Univeristy of Leipzig, Germany)

A Conversation with Peter Stadler

September 7, 2007

Peter Hammerstein (Institute for Theoretical Biology Berlin)

A Conversation with Peter Hammerstein: Investigating the Evolution of Living Organisms


March 29, 2007

Rüdiger Wehner (ETH Zurich)

Desert Ant Navigation: Mini Brains - Mega Tasks – Smart Solutions?


January 23, 2007

Geoffrey West (The Santa Fe Institute)

Universal Scaling Laws in Biology from Genomes to Ecosystems; Towards a Quantitative Theory of Biological Structure and Organization


April 14, 2006

E.O.Wilson (Harvard University)

Opening of the Center for Social Dynamics and Complexity


 April 13, 2006

Lisa Curran (Stanford University)

A Conversation with Lisa Curran Lisa Curran, A Conversation with Lisa Curran